Main Advantages Of Online Accounting

Before opting for an online accounting for your company, it is normal to want to research and verify if there are enough positive aspects to justify this choice. So check out some of the main advantages of online accounting:


Perhaps that word is the one that best represents a well-executed online accounting service: practicality. Basically, it's what people who made this choice look for after understanding what it offers. The client will be able to make use of the platform by issuing invoices, following a timeline of activities and a calendar for payment of taxes. The main change is the reduction of bureaucracy in the company's day-to-day activities. With dynamism and simplicity, the system does all the hard work for the customer, who can devote themselves to taking care of business.

All in one place

As all company information is attached on the platform and accounting activities and client actions can also be monitored there, there is the great advantage of being able to do everything in one place. With this, a very precious asset is gained in current times: time. There's no need to chase paper documentation or worry about the accountant. It is technology acting at the service of people's comfort and convenience.

Quick company opening

In most cases, the online accounting offices also carry out the opening of the company. This is an advantage for those who have not yet formalized their business. The process for starting a business is much less bureaucratic and can be done in a very practical way. The client is informed about each step and carries out practically all activities from home.

Electronic Invoices

Another great advantage that opens up through the use of the system is the possibility of issuing the Electronic Invoice (NFS-e). In many cases, it is possible to carry out the issue through the platform itself. It is a feature that greatly facilitates the routine of companies, offering more agility and convenience in payments and billing. All with total transparency, with all actions properly documented.

Tax Consultancy

As the processes are automated, the team can act in a more consultative way, offering solutions that can financially impact the routine of companies. In this action, it is possible to achieve a tax reduction, for example. This consultancy is also carried out at the time of opening a company, to help identify the best legal and tax format according to the particular profile of an entrepreneur.


Ease of access is another advantage of online accounting offices. Micro and small entrepreneurs follow everything that happens in their company. It can be from the internet at home, at the office, or even from the street, using the connection through your smartphone or tablet. And all this with digital certification. It often takes great speed to consult some information and the online system allows this to be done from anywhere.

Personalized Service

This is one of the fears of those who are deciding whether or not to opt for an online accounting. Some offices are able to offer a humanized and personalized service, according to each client profile. Everything is done in a practical and fast way, through chat or email. The client also has a large number of contents available that will often resolve two main doubts.

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