What's My Practice Worth?

Bryen & Bryen LLP works with buyers and sellers of dental practices, as well as individual dentists who require valuations for a wide range of financial reasons. Accurate practice valuations are necessary for true assessment of a practice's current fair market value as well as its potential.

Bryen & Bryen LLP utilizes three different methods of valuation to get a true picture of a practice's value, and future potential. Through on-site or off-site analysis, we review financial information for the last four years of operation, as well as a comprehensive questionnaire developed for clients as part of the valuation process. A reputable dental supply company provides equipment appraisals.

In the event of partnership dissolutions or disputes, we provide valuations for determining the value of the departing partner's interest. We also provide valuations for marital disputes and expert witness testimony for such cases.

Bryen & Bryen LLP's Practice Valuations include:

  • Thirty-plus pages of in-depth, narrative analysis
  • Results, Analysis, and Conclusions of three valuation methods
  • Analysis of local area dental fees
  • Five-year cash flow analysis